Day in the life at the QE Hospital, Birmingham

It's not ER, it's not House & it's not Greys Anatomy, it's the QE Hospital. Due to Matt's seizures on Sunday morning, he was moved from a single room into a ward. Last night they had a new bed mate in the ward. We left when visiting hours finished just before 9 and it seems we missed all the excitement! During the night the new guy proceeded to flip through Matt's charts, take 1 of his slippers and try to change the channels on his radio/tv. He then proceeded to lean over Matt before a nurse finally came and moved him out! Matt's also sporting his new hospital attire - not just his sexy lounge pants but brand new shorts as well. His slippers have been written off as lethal by the occupational health lady so I need another shopping trip to buy Matt some sensible (old man) slippers with backs. His new exercise routine to strengthen his right side and the steroids have brought an increased appetite so even though it was pay day today, Costa Coffee have the month's wages already. Matt's drinking like a fish too so as a precaution they're testing him for diabetes - just what we need! So long as Matt has a fit free tonight, he'll be discharged tomorrow. We'll be at Luke's tomorrow (Kababish here we come) and then at James & Katie's from Thursday. We just need to get the district nurse sorted to come and give Matt his daily injections for the thrombosis. Hoping & praying you're at home with us tomorrow Matt. X

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