Discharged from the QE Hospital!

We started the day with a mad dash down to Banbury to get Matt's passport so we could register him at James's GP. The surgery closed at 1300 and we squeaked in at 1255! We're still not sure exactly when the district nurse will be round to give Matt's injection but hoping it will all be sorted by tomorrow. Jenni and I then headed on to the QE Hospital for visiting hours and to bring Matt home. Matt was all dressed and packed, ready to head home when we arrived, we just had to wait for his Heparin injection to be given, his discharge note and his supply of drugs to leave the hospital with. Matt had a ferocious appetite while waiting and chomped his way through two cereal bars, two packets of hula hoops and then I was sent out to buy some sandwiches. We waited patiently until 1700 and then we all started to get fidgety. I went to the nurses station for an update and was told we were waiting for the steroids to come up from the pharmacy. We waited another hour and then went back to check on progress and realised they didn't have any record of Matt's heparin so we chased that up. By 1900 we were all quite agitated and were told that the pharmacy was closed and it was possible Matt might not be discharged. We waited in frustration until 2000 when Mal finally went to talk to the nursing team and arranged a compromise with them which allowed Matt to be released tonight and that we would pick up the missing medication from the hospital tomorrow. With a whoop and a holler we left the QE and headed for one of our Birmingham homes from home, Luke's place.

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