Slight set back

The double hard bastard was doing so well and I think that, and Matt's stubborn determination have contributed to a slight set back.

Matt was all confident with his improved mobility and speech and rather than take it easy, he threw himself into various tasks like mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs and bbqing a feast fit for a king. Unfortunately the combination of hot weather and added activity meant Matt was suffering last night. His right side was a lot weaker again and worryingly looking swollen again. His speech and inability to find the right words were also frustrating him.

 We had a sleep in this morning as Matt didn't get up until 6 am! Thankfully he was feeling stronger again and agreed to take it easy, stay cool and rest as much as possible. I had to head off to work so Jenni and Mal took Matt in to the QE Hospital for his scan. The scan's not so bad but it's the waiting for the results - the fear of the unknown and the hope that it's good news that keeps you awake at night.

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