Happy patient

Matt arrived home on Saturday on a high. He'd just seen James swim through ice, crawl through stinging nettles & mud and run through fire as part of his Tough Mudder challenge and bid to raise money for Brain Tumour UK. Over lunch Matt was even talking about doing a half marathon himself once he was better!

Matt's homecoming was a bit like Christmas, it just kept getting better and better.  There was a card from his school which brought a tear to his eye.  He became quite giddy when he realised he'd just walked up and down the stairs without tripping but I think the fairy on the Christmas tree was seeing his beloved radio and realising he could listen to radio 4 to his hearts content!

Sunday brought more treats and highs as Jim, Debbie and family came to visit and Matt managed a trip to the pub for lunch with them.  To think that two and half weeks ago he wouldn't have considered going out and would have thought twice about having visitors. If this isn't happiness, what is?

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