Hot and swollen

Another gorgeous sunny day for some but for Matt it's a day spent trying to balance enjoying the sunshine whilst keeping cool. Yesterday the heat won out as Matt had a fit in the afternoon - his first since he started chemo 4 weeks ago. Today, making the most of the sun, we decided to have a BBQ. Matt likes to cook but if he's not feeling up to it, he'll gladly let someone else take over. Not so when it comes to bbqing! Decidedly stubborn, try as we might to prize the tongs from Matt's hands and convince him to sit in the cool away from the heat of the BBQ, we might as well have been talking to a brick wall. With determination befitting a double hard bastard, Matt cooked up a feast for us but it left him feeling hot, bothered and exhausted. We also noticed that his hand has swollen again despite having his daily injection for the thrombosis. Tomorrow I'm off to work and Matt's going in to Birmingham with his parents to have his scan. We'll hopefully get the results on Monday and we're all hoping it will show that the chemo's had some positive effect on the tumour growth.

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