Buddha bellies

Jubilee bank holiday weekend - a 4 day weekend and the chance to try out Mal & Jenni's campervan.  A long weekend camping in the English countryside, relaxng in the sunshine, bbq's and long dog walks, sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

The camper was fab and even met Syra's approval when she found space for her bed under the dining table.  The countryside was lovely although you can't really go wrong in the Malverns.  We even managed a dog walk or too through the fields.  Such a shame that the English weather let us down big time.  The only saving grace was that we were warm and snug (or should it be smug) in the camper van, feeling the pain of the other campers who had to battle the elements to put their tents up and down. 

The weekend consisted of meeting up for a rather yummy Sunday lunch at The Inn at Welland.  After that, the weekend pretty much consisted of eating, snacking, drinking, snoozing and some more eating again.  The result of which is that Matt and I have matching Buddha bellies.   At least Matt has an excuse for his - the steroids have doubled his appetite and so no sooner has he eaten than he's hungry again.  No excuse for me apart from sympathy eating.  Does that count?!

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