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And the chemo strikes back.  Teach me to boast about Matt's legendary double hard bastard status.  Tuesday night Matt had a fit and woke up feeling rough on Wednesday.  Apparently he felt better after eating but still wasn't himself.  We made it to the QE for his appointment with the Prof only to find the appointment was no longer on the system.  Thankfully Fred (superstar Macmillan nurse) managed to get us back on the books.  After the celeb treatment on Monday it was quite a shock for us all to have to sit and wait.  From A list to Z list in the space of two days!

The Prof confirmed we'd have about 6 months of chemo and that they'd review the DVT treatment after three months.  Matt's hand's still a bit swollen but his leg's just about back to normal again.  We're going to start reducing the amount of steroids Matt has so we're all hoping this will also reduce his appetite. 

Matt's staying up in Birmingham with family until the weekend.  Unfortunately our house mate Jenni has packed her bags and headed back to Birmingham too as she has her knee op on Monday.  From next week it'll just be Matt, me and Syra.

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