Lazy Sunday

After Matt's reaction to the second round of chemo, we decided it would be best if he stayed up in Birmingham with family for the rest of the week.  After a lonely Friday night at home with just a wine bottle for company, I headed up to Birmingham on Saturday.  The fit on Tuesday night really took a lot out of Matt.  He's lost some of his va va voom and is still feeling rather weak. 

After mentioning Matt's early morning wake up times to the Prof on Wednesday, we were advised that the steroids might be the culprit and Matt should take them no later than 1400.  Didn't matter this morning, Matt was up like clockwork again at 0600.  With Matt up, I wasn't going to get back to sleep so we tackled the garden and then took an estatic Syra out for a walk through some fields in the countryside.  The walk really took it out of Matt so we had a nice lazy afternoon and even managed to find time for an afternoon siesta.

Since Matt left the QE at the beginning of May, he's been back on the fags.  Such a shame as he'd been 7 months smoke free.  Realising that it really is a filthy habit, he's got an appointment to see the nurse tomorrow to get him back on champix so he can quit once and for all.

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