Middle aged obsession

After a chilled night reading and listening to music, Matt woke full of beans, ready to tackle his to do list.  The day started with taking Syra to the park before I'd even left for work, something Matt hasn't been up to for most of this year.  Pretty remarkable considering a month ago Matt was struggling to walk up the stairs.

Next on the list was the garden.  Matt's become a full blown middle aged man, obsessed with the garden.  When he's not out in the garden, mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs, or spraying weed killer, he's plotting his next move.  I have a sneaky suspicion he's even planning a take over of the neighbour's garden!

Not content with dog walks and gardening, I discovered yesterday that Matt's decided it's time to change all the passwords on our online accounts!  That's the end of my sneaky online shopping - how many sites will I manage to lock myself out of today?!

My understanding was that chemo knocked you about, made you feel rough and tired however it seems to barely have touched Matt - he's up early everyday, bored of sitting around, only occasionally having an afternoon siesta and he doesn't seem half as tired as he was pre chemo.  I guess that's why he is known as the double hard bastard.

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