Oh what a night!

Now I understand the meaning of beauty sleep.  Looking and feeling rough today. 

Dad's had his op and from the latest reports is sitting up and eating - a successful operation!  I received a text at 2 this morning saying dad was going in for his op.  I was then awake until 4.20 when I got the text to say he was back in the ward and sitting up waiting for his food!  By all accounts a successful operation!  Let's hope this does the trick as what he really needed was a double or triple by-pass but the surgeon wasn't prepared to do it.  Instead dad's had 3 stents put in.

Matt's still struggling to get his mojo back.  Lovely Rachel came up and spent the day with him yesterday.  Like a fairy god mother she bought home baking, walked the dog and I don't know what they talked about but Matt was raving how wonderful she was all evening!  I'm trying to line up some entertainment for Matt to keep the boredom at bay so if anyone fancies a day at Chez Chadwick with a double hard bastard for company, give me a shout!

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