Talk about being torn in so many different directions.  Eastenders eat your heart out - get this:

My husband's brain tumour has come back, he's been off work since January and is frustrated as simple things are now so complicated. I want to spend as much time as I can with him but need to work as I've recently been seconded to a new project.  I'm currently working on both roles which means there are never enough hours in the day.

My dad needed a triple by pass but the surgeons would only did angioplasty and put 3 stents in as the bypass was too risky.  My mum's been looking after my sister 4 hours north of where my parents house is as the scar around her amputated toes became infected and meant she couldn't walk.  Mum's now looking after dad again but she's worried about my sister.

My brother in NZ keeps falling asleep while driving and has written two cars off in the past month.  Thankfully he's been ok both times.

Matt's nan is in hospital with fluid on her lungs and she hates hospitals with a passion.

Matt's mum has just had a knee op and is immobile for the next few weeks.

I think that's about all the directions I'm being torn in at the moment.  Thank god there's still some wine left in the house!

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  1. they say the human spirit is at it's best in times of adversory. Keep fighting sister:)


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