Why does it always happen in threes?

What is it about things always happening in threes?  I've got Matt feeling decidedly under the weather at the moment - tired and a bit nauseous.  Jenni's in hospital having had her knee op today and my dad's back in hospital with his dodgy heart.  At least that's the three done and dusted but spreading them out a little so you can devote proper attention to each person would have been nice. 

Just like clockwork Matt was up at the crack of dawn again this morning.  He hasn't been sleeping too well as he can't get comfortable - it feels as though he's recracked his ribs again.  On top of that he had another day feeling rough without any sympathy as he was home alone.  Unfortunately the only thing that seems to make him feel better at the moment are the football matches - I'm doomed to two more weeks of Euro 2012!

Dad was taken into Wellington hospital last week suffering from an angina attack but was discharged the following day.  They put it down to an infection and some fluid on the lungs.  Mum took him up to Hastings on Friday and on Saturday he was having difficulty breathing again.  They called the ambulance and took him in to Hastings Hospital.  They're keeping him in so they can run some tests to try and find out why his heart keeps spiking.  Doesn't sound too good but, just like Matt, he's a tough old bugger.  Just wish I could pop in for a visit.

Thankfully Jenni's knee op seems to have gone well and apart from a pain in the knee she's doing fine 😃.

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