Birthday bbq challenge

Despite taking his steroids mid afternoon on Saturday, Matt still woke with the birds at 5 on Sunday. Thank god for sky plus as without it Matt would be doomed to staring at a blank screen.  Matt eventually went back to bed around 8 before getting up again an hour or so later, just as the last of the party clean up was finished!  It wasn't long though before Matt headed back to bed feeling rough - nauseus and just not right.

I headed out to the park with Syra when she was in doggy heaven in the muddy fields complete with pond like puddles.  I was just about to cross the bridge back into the main park when my foot gave way beneath me and I went crashing down with an almighty thump right onto my elbow and hip.  Thankfully, despite being in full public view, I think I managed to  get away without anyone seeing my acrobatic display.  The fall took the wind right out of me and poor Syra didn't know what to do first, lick, jump on me or both at the same time.  With Syra's encouragement we managed another loop of the park and some more ball throwing but with my throwing arm still numb and raw, it was the best of a poor effort.

Syra and I returned home to find Matt revived and ready to head up to Birmingham to see family and have a birthday bbq celebration!  Now Matt likes to think of himself as king of the bbq however there was a serious challenge for the title yesterday.  Both Matt and Mal have pot belly coal burning bbqs but Mal had only gone and ordered some wood chips and proceeded to smoke chicken, sausages and ribs.  I tell you what, hands down, the meat was divine, the title's yours Mal - it was definitely worth the wait. 

And that concludes Matt's birthday celebrations for another year.  Yet again he's managed to have 5 days of celebrations rather than just the 1!

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