Birthday bbq

Following two days recuperating after the official birthday celebrations, Matt was ready to spend the weekend celebrating with friends and family.

We had a planned a birthday bbq at Chez Chadwick on Saturday and so were expecting it to pour down.  Everything was set up inside ready for the inevitable downpour but from the moment Matt lit the bbq at noon to the last crumb of birthday cake being licked off the plate around 5 pm, the sun shone down on our little pocket sized garden and somehow we all managed to find somewhere to sit and eat enough to sink a ship.  Following the vintage theme of the bbq, I purchased several bottles of ginger beer - the alcoholic variety.  They really should come with a warning - tasting just like ginger beer one does tend to consume it like the non alcoholic variety and it's only when one stands up that one realises just how much one has consumed!  This resulted in the lighting of the birthday cake candles and sparklers to be rather hazardous and the singing of Happy Birthday to be a little too exuberant!

With the rain finally threatening, all 8 adults and 3 dogs headed indoors to cuddle up and watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - a film I had been looking forward to watching for the longest time.  Packed like sardines in our wee lounge, it took us a good half hour to coax the dvd player to play the dvd.  No sooner had it started playing than I was fast alseep, only to wake as the credits started rolling...  Now that's rock n roll for you!


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