Blow out

Just had a much needed blow out.  Paid for it today but it sure did clear some of those cobwebs out.

Bessie mate and partner in crime, Miss Bates had wanted to do a murder mystery evening so miraculously she received one for her birthday last year.  The date for the event:  Saturday 7 July.  I wasn't sure whether or not I'd be able to join her but as Matt was in Birmingham with family and my dad was in the safest possible place - hospital, I was free to go.

We'd decided we'd bring a bottle of fizz along with us so we could have a good old catch up prior to the dinner.  Fortunately (unfortunately?), we'd been given some fizz for our wedding anniversary which I'd been saving for a special occasion.  This seemed the perfect excuse to crack it open.  Only it wasn't just a bottle, it was a full on magnum.  That's the equivalent of 2 bottles, or a bottle of fizz each... 

Needless to say Miss Bates and I rocked up, suitably glam but rather tipsy and a little too bubbly to be taken seriously!  We did however manage to interrorgate all suspects and, god only knows how, predict who the killer was!  Thank you for leading me astray Miss Bates - the hang over this morning was certainly worth it.

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