Good report card!

Round 3 of chemo yesterday.  The afternoon started waiting in the hothouse that is the oncology waiting room.  Just 40 minutes late we were summoned for our appointment with the oncologist.  They noted that Matt was looking good and doing well so chemo would continue.  Matt has a scan on 1 August and that's where they'll really be able to tell what's going on inside his head...

From there we headed back across to ward 621 in the new hospital for Matt's chemo.  We were half an hour late arriving for the appointment as we were late seeing the oncologist.  That really didn't matter though as we joined the other patients who had been waiting for 3, 4, 5 hours for their chemo.  So wrong - these sick people waiting in a hot, stuffy room with uncomfortable chairs all lined up in rows so you can't relax and have a chat but stare at the back of someone's head.  How did they get it so wrong?  One of the patients had a strop and asked why he was having to wait so long and that broke the ice in the waiting room, almost giving permission for everyone in the waiting room to talk to each other.

Four hours later Matt was called through to receive his 10 mins of chemo.  The poor nurses were running around trying to look after everyone - they were short staffed - what's going on with the NHS?

Matt was chuffed with his good report card and has decided that he's going to spend his recuperation time redecorating the house.  Lime green doors is the latest.

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