Just when you thought...

Just when I thought things were balancing out again and everyone was seemingly on the mend, I hear that the ambulance has been called and dad's back in hospital. 

I called home this morning and dad seemed fine and mum was happy - didn't seem worried about dad and they were planning on heading back up to Hastings to see my sister for the weekend.  That was around 5 pm NZ time.  I got home from work tonight at 8 pm and received an email that said mum called the ambulance at 1 am (NZ time) and he was taken in to hospital at 3 am with an irratic heart beat.  So not good news.  After heart surgery in November and again last week there must be something else causing his irratic heart beat.  But what???

Meanwhile, Matt went up to Birmingham to stay with family and for a change of scenery yesterday.  I called him up tonight as I haven't heard from him all day and was starting to worry.  Silly me.  The boys - Mal, Matt, Luke and Jim have headed off in the campervan for a couple of nights.  Now I'm really worried - 4 men and one poor dog in a very confined space.  I think it's going to be survival of the fittest - may the best man win!

It does however bring back memories of going away in our campervan as kids.  We had one of those old old vans and if it hadn't been used for a while dad would have to crank the engine to get it going again...  Way back in the good old days when the biggest worry was what to wear or who to invite to a party.


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