Living with an addict

He's addicted again.  From the moment he wakes until the moment he goes to sleep it's all he can think about.  It brings back happy memories of the last time he was recovering from his brain operation.  The safe, happy place and the hours of joy.  Once again, it's up to Matt to break the addiction.  That's right, he's addicted to Championship Manager again. 

I feel for those WAG wives.  It's a tough, thankless life.  No wonder they're driven to shopping and hair extentions.  The hours Matt spends focussed, totally absorbed in the game is incredible.  It's pure dedication and determination to do the best for your team, sacrificing all else for the game.  But then to a true football fan, it's not just a game and that's when the addiction kicks in.

I'm there for you babe.  When you're ready, I'll help you through those withdrawal symptoms.  We can do it.


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