Olympic spirits

What an opening ceremony.  As Matt said, England is a pretty cool country with a lot to be proud of.  We were both really impressed with Danny Boyle's production.  My only criticism is the time it took for all 205 countries to enter the stadium.  They really need to sort that out.  205 countries, is it really necessary?  Why can't they draw straws or limit it to one country for each letter of the alphabet?  It was well worth battling the sleepy eyes to see the lighting of the Olympic flame though.  Beautiful.

I'm really excited about attending the paralympics now.   We've got tickets to see the wheelchair basket ball at North Greenwich Stadium and then the following day we have tickets to see the Athletics in the Olympic Stadium.  Not quite the same as being there for the 100 metre final but at least we'll be able to soak up some of the atmosphere and see Olympic Park.  I just hope Matt's well enough - it's just before round 4 of chemo so hopefully he'll be in good form.

Matt's struggled this week, feeling rough and not having any energy however he spirits seem much better again today - I know that as he's ventured into the shower!

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