Epilepsy and the twitches

So we were lying in bed last night, reading, when Matt's arm started doing its twitching thing.  Sometimes it seemingly moves of its own accord, just slides up or down and other times it gives a big twitch like Matt's putting his hand up and then just drops back down again.  Almost like arm tourettes.  It's so frustrating for Matt and you can only imagine what he's going through.  I would like to put it down to the long day, the trip up to Birmingham to have dinner with Mal and Jenni and the excitement of the Euro final.  However, as ever with Matt, nothing's ever simple and the twitches have been occuring randomly for at least the past week now.

I'm in a real quandry as to what to do today.  Matt has blood tests this morning and needs to call Claire to give her an update.  I have a couple meetings at work however I don't think I'll be able to concentrate properly.  So what do I do - stay with Matt and feel guilty about work or go to work and feel guilty about Matt and act like a space cadet?

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