Matt's struggling with the chemo

Big day today and not just for GB.  The day of the big scan had arrived - this scan should be able to tell us whether or not the chemo is working.  With any luck Tommy tumour will be withering against the might of the double hard bastard.  Matt's fighting hard enough.  He's been battling on since round 3 of chemo last week and it's been a long hard struggle.

There've been sleepless nights, lots of 2 am hot chocolates, fatigue, exhaution, nausea, loss of appetite.  Now loss of appetite is pretty serious when Matthew Chadwick is concerned but the thing that really made me realise just how badly Matt's suffering was his abondonment of championship manager. 

Today we had booked lunch with the family in town at Turners, just down the road from the QE however it was all too much for Matt and unfortunately rest won out.  We made it up to the hospital in time for his scan and after a quick pop in to see his nan and family we headed back home again.

Keep fighting babe, you've beaten Tommy tumour once, you can sure as hell do it again.

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