Monkey World

I'd promised Matt that we'd go back to Monkey World but had been struggling to find the time to fit the visit in.  Thank god for Bank Holiday weekends!

Matt returned from his camping adventures on Saturday evening.  No sooner had he emptied his bags of dirty washing than he was packing them again as we were heading down to Salisbury to catch up with Lucy and Rui and then the four of us made the trek down to Monkey World.  We certainly know how to choose our friends - there's the idyllic but ever so chic thatched cottage in Birmingham, the second home in Reading and gastronomic heaven in Salisbury.  Lucy hails from Germany and Rui from Portugal so between them you get the best beer, wine, salamis, cheeses, fish, vegetables, baking and hospitality.  This weekend we were treated to chocolate macarons.  In your face La Duree - Rui's are one hundred thousand percent the real deal.

After an evening of eating, drinking and catching up I was suffering a little the next morning and it took a good 4 espressos to get me going again!  Monkey World didn't disappoint.  There was the baby woolly monkey with its head bigger than its body, the monkies being given wrapped birthday presents, getting within whispering distance of the Lemurs and watching the chimps create their nests at the end of the day.  We were still mesmerised by the chimps creating their nests as the lights were turned off and doors bolted.  We only just avoiding having to spend the night with our not too distant relatives!


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