Huge sighs of relief and little skippy dances.  It was a sad and weary bunch that turned up for the Prof appointment for Matt's scan results early yesterday morning.  Ten minutes later Mal, Jenni, Luke, Matt and I were all smiles and walking on air.  (There's a picture for you - just as well it was early and the hospital was quiet!)

They say no news is good news and they're right.  The scan showed that the swelling has continued to reduce which is fantastic news.  It showed some changes to the "little white dots" however the Prof wasn't worried by the changes to the tumour.  The Prof couldn't exactly explain the changes - he needs to see another scan or two before it becomes clear what exactly is going on inside Matt's brain.

So, the chemo continues.  Round 3 on Monday 3 September. 
We need to reduce the amount of steroids Matt's on and hope that the swelling continues to reduce.  While the steroids have helped Matt with his speech and improve movement in his right arm/leg, they've actually started to waste away muscle. 
The heparin injections continue with the added instructions to keep mobile.  Difficult when you don't have the stamina to walk very far or for long but our double hard bastard does like a challenge.

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