Who's the boss?

I don't know if it's a case of it's tough at the top or if it's just a shitty week.  Matt's been fighting like a trooper but Tommy's a stubborn beast.

By the time I got home from work last night Matt was shattered.  Dare I say it, almost a broken man.  He'd had another rough night followed by another rough day.  After two weeks of feeling exhausted, nauseus, having headaches, and sleepless nights, doubt was setting in again. 

It was about this time after round 2 of chemo that Matt started to fear the worst.  However last time Matt pulled through and by weeks 5 and 6 he was feeling human and enjoying life again.  I'm desperately hoping that will happen again this time, only sooner.  We're due to head up to Scotland this weekend.  Three nights at the Fringe Festival followed by 3 nights at a B&B on the banks of Loch Long. 

Time for Matt to pull out the big guns and show Tommy who's boss.


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