The good news is Matt's back/ribs are no longer quite so painful.  He's sleeping better and not getting up so much during the night - such a relief for both of us.  I was getting to the point where not even double espressos were helping keep me awake!

The not so good news is as we've reduced the amount of steroids Matt's taking, some of his deficits have come back - the weakness on his right side, especially his right arm and he's getting frustrated with not being able to say what he wants easily.  We've stopped reducing the amount of bad boys he's taking maintaing them at a steady 4 mg - half of what he started on at the end of April.

Apart from that, he's perky and we're muddling along A OK.  I've started chasing Syra down the canal at weekends much to her delight.  Matt's been taking her out for a patrol of Banbury on weekdays - exhausting himself but satisfying for our ever so nosy and inquisitive hound.  We're both looking forward to this weekend - Matt's nan's 97th birthday. 

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