dem bones

Dem bones, dey broke.  3 ribs broken on the left side and maybe some on the right side - they couldn't tell from the x-ray.  The good news is we know the reason for Matt's constant back pain - a relief to know it's broken ribs and not anything worse.  The bad news is there's nothing you can do to make it any more bearable.

Matt's still going to have some bone density scans to see if he needs any supplements to help strengthen his bones.  We're waiting for those appointments to come through.  Apart from that, the next dates in the diary are 15 October for round 5 of chemo and sometime mid October another scan. 

The steroids are gradually reducing.  That should stop Matt's bones from being so brittle and also reduce his appetite.  We're both on diets as both of us are struggling to find clothes that still fit us.  Look out for the lean, mean fighting machines when you next visit us!

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