Chemo round 4

By round 4 it's no longer quite so traumatic.  The stark white walls and stiff blue plastic covered chairs, the TV with no volume in the corner of the waiting room, the endless mind numbing hours spent sitting, waiting, hoping in vain that Matt's name is the next one on the list.

We saw Fred (Macmillan nurse superstar) while we were waiting to see the Oncologist and mentioned Matt's back pain to him.  Matt's been suffering for a while now.  At first he put it down to the fact that it was around where he'd broken his ribs previously.  However the pain has since moved up his back and is now on the opposite side.  We're talking agonising pain - the sort that keeps you up at night and makes you huff and puff and gasp when you cough or sneeze.

The Onocolgist prodded Matt's back for a bit, scribbled some notes down and seemed rather scatter brained about the whole consultation!  He seemed to think that because Matt's been on a very high doseage of steroids for 4 months now, they may have caused his bones to become brittle and to start cracking.  As a result, Matt was sent for a chest x-ray while we were waiting for his chemo yesterday and he's scheduled for some more bone tests to be done in the next week or two.

Now it was just a matter of tracking down Matt's blood test results so they could approve round 4 of chemo.  We headed up to the waiting room on ward 620 and were fully prepared for hours of waiting and were pleasantly surprised when we only had to wait an hour and a half!  10 mins after sitting in the chair, Matt was begging the nurse to take him home with her - she'd entertained us all for the full 10 mins. Bless you!

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