Ryder Cup

It's that time of year again.  The memories bring back cold sweats.  That first weekend when Matt took me back to meet his parents in the Malverns.  I remember it so vividly.   So keen was I to make a good impression that I spent the whole weekend sitting with them on the sofa in the lounge, pretending to watch the Ryder Cup with them.  I think I memorised every book in their bookshelf that weekend!!!

I think it was the Chadwick initiation!  (Thank god it's not just based on Trivs.)  Anyhow, I survived - scarred for life, but a survivor.  Seven years on and it's Ryder Cup time again.  This time round I'm one of the family and a lot wiser...  So, Matt & Syra have headed up to spend the weekend at nana's where they can live in their Sky Sport Ryder Cup and football heaven bubble for the weekend and I can keep my sanity!


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