The good Dr Leak

Drugs really are wonderful things!  We spoke to Matt's Macmillan nurse again on Wednesday and it was agreed that Matt stay on the 8 mg of steroids for the week and we'll call again on Monday to discuss whether we maintain it at 8 mg or start to reduce the dosage.  The good news is, Matt's feeling perky again.  Those teeny tiny little white tablets have given Matt back his life.

The other bit of good news is that the good Dr Leak confirmed that the swelling in Matt's brain wasn't tumour.  The bad news is, this came from the mouth of the good Dr Leak!

After a couple of worrying days where Matt was constantly tired, and the deficits on his right side were blatantly getting worse, he's now on the up.  So much so that he quit as Aston Villa manager and is back on the market again - all those Championship Manager addicts, watch out, Matt's on the loose again!

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