Working from home

I fear work has rather overtaken events the past couple of weeks and Matt's had long days at home with only Syra for company.  Guilt ridden at neglecting Matt and at the fact that reducing his steroids was clearly having a negative effect, I worked from home on Thursday and Friday.  Thank goodness I did as on Friday afternoon, Matt had another fit - not big, not small, just a medium one.

I feel helpless and frustrated that I can't do anything to help.  Matt's frustrated, worried and upset that this is happening to him all over again.  If only there was a magic potion.  Fairy godmother, where are you?

Apart from some rather prickly stubble due to no desire to shave over the past week, you still couldn't tell that Matt was at war with a brain tumour.  He's stubbornly trying to do everything himself, doesn't want to ask for help and is still up for anything although the body is less willing.  Time to pace yourself Chadwick, we're in this for the long haul.


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