As usual, I woke at 0500 this morning and snuck out the bedroom so as not to disturb Matt.  I headed downstairs to do some work before heading off to the gym.  Half an hour later I could hear Matt upstairs though and sensed something wasn't quite right.  Matt was gasping for breath and couldn't get comfortable.  He didn't want me to call anyone, so I cuddled up and within half an hour or so he was back asleep.  When he woke again at around 0930, he still wasn't in top form so I called his Macmillan nurse.

Take him to A&E - it might be a PE.  (Pulmonary Embolism).  Quick as a flash, and much to the disgust of Syra, we were out the door and on our way to the Horton Hospital.  Matt was taken through straight away and hooked up to all manner of machines.  First his blood pressure was incredibly low, then his temperature was low but everything else was normal.  After an hour or two he was taken away for a chest x-ray and then and ECG.  Lunch time came and went and he was still puzzling the doctors.  His x-ray came back ok so they tested his blood to see if there were clots.  All A OK.  To send Matt home or to give him a CT scan?  They pondered for another half hour, came back, asked a few more questions and then finally decided that Matt would have a CT scan however as we'd been in A&E for more than 4 hours, he was kicked out of his bed and taken to the Medical Assessment Unit (A&E for less serious cases to you and me).   I don't think I've ever been so pleased to see a doctor in my life than when they finally came with his scan result - all clear, we could go home.

Matt's now tucked up in bed and I'm catching up on a day's work!

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