Another scan

Another day, another scan.  This scan, while it's just the usual MRI, will determine whether or not Matt continues with his chemo - whether or not the chemo has been effective.  Since being on chemo he's had a couple of scans but the conclusions haven't been that clear - the chemo had stopped the tumours from growing but that was about all they could say.

As it's another day out at the QE Hospital to have the scan and work is piling up on my desk faster than the rate I can maintain caffeine levels to manage it, Matt's mum kindly offered to take him.  (She's back from France for the next month - two weeks looking after nana and then coming on down to Banbury for two weeks to stay with us.)  As a result, Matt's been in Sky football heaven all weekend - 11 hours solid according to his text last night!!!

Scan results on Halloween - Wednesday 31 October.

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