Feeling good

After a mad week working 12 or more hour days I was definitely looking forward to the weekend.  Sleep, sleep and time to spend with Matt. 

Thankfully the only thing we had planned this weekend was Jon and Chi coming by on their way home from visiting family in Leamington Spa.  This meant that the carpet of Syra's hair needed to be vacuumed up and the house given a once over.  Procrastination kicked in and finally when it could wait no longer, the wafts of dog hair too much to bear, I blitzed the house and made it back from the supermarket to see Jon and Chi pull up outside the house.  Perfect timing or what?!

No sooner than the drinks were cracked open than there was a knock at the door.  It was only Dr Leak wanting in on the action!  The evening was spent sitting round the dining room table, eating, drinking and catching up.

Sunday morning Matt woke feeling well and positive.  Plans for possible job opportunities were hatched, a move in to Oxford with properties in Oxford even being considered .  Matt was feeling so much better that we even headed in to Oxford for a mooch around and finally made it to the cinema to see the much talked about Anna Karenina.

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