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I work in a relatively small company but two people I work closely with have brain tumours.  How freaky is that?  Both continue to work, drive and lead normal lives - or as normal as normal can be.  So it came as a real shock to find out that one of them has just had to undergo treatment for their tumour.  Thankfully with innovations in medical technology, they were able to have the gamma knife and should be back at work again next week.  Absolutely incredible. 

Matt, my double hard bastard, has a day out at the QE Hospital today as we have appointments for two bone denisty scans.  Matt's just started to complain about back pain again - the effects of the dosage of steroids he's on.  Not too sure what the options are if his bones are really brittle - calcium supplements maybe?  Ooh, cod liver oil? 

Gamma knife:calcium tablets.


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