Scan Results

Good news and more good news!  The chemo seems to be working - the tumour's definitely not growing, it appears to be shrinking.  (little skippy dance) Matt's been feeling rough because of the cocktail of drugs he's been on, not because of the tumour.  (BIG SKIPPY DANCE)  Such a relief to see the scans and have proof that the nausea, tiredness, and general "blah" feelings are all down to the side effects of the chemo, steroids and anti seizure drugs. 

The Prof wasted no time in setting out the plan of action:
  • Continue with chemo until we get two scans, two months apart, that show the same imaging.
  • Start reducing the drugs with the aim to cut out one of his anti seizure drugs (phynetoin) and to start reducing the steroids with the aim of cutting them out too.
  • Matt can drink and eat cheese again in moderation!
Unfortunately Matt was feeling too rough to celebrate the good news.  Even the Kababish didn't have its usual allure and he's back home tucked up in bed with his hot chocolate!

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