Under the weather

Pants.  This was supposed to be our weekend of frivolity and fun before the effects of round 5 of chemo kicked in.  It was all planned out - a weekend in Birmingham catching up with friends, family and film! 

Good news is, Matt didn't seem to have any trouble with his breathing yesterday morning.  Bad news is his mojo never really kicked in.  We were due to head up to Birmingham in the afternoon, drop Syra off at Nana's and then head on over to Jim's to be wined, dined and generally entertained.  Matt slept through the morning, had lunch and then still felt exhausted so went back to bed.  By mid afternoon it was clear that although the mind was willing, his body had other intentions so we went for second best, stay at home in Banbury overnight, have a good night's sleep and see how things were in the morning...

Unfortunately Matt had quite a broken sleep and has woken feeling exhausted and rather under the weather.  His old friend diarrhoea also seems to be back.  Let's hope it just a passing visit this time.  Birmingham, we'll have to take a rain check.

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