DHB bounces back

The double hard bastard bounces back again!  He must be feeling better, he's back on championship manager.  Well, it's not really bouncing back and it's more a slight daliance with championship manager but it's a far sight better than feeling too miserable and nauseus to concentrate on anything which Matt's been feeling for the past 2 - 3 weeks now.

I'm putting it down to a combination of Mal & Jenni's cooking, my company and a slight reduction in anti seizure and steroids meds.  Mal & Jenni arrived last Monday to spend time with Matt.  They left after a week of cooking, cleaning and fixing - with Syra - as payment?..  Syra needn't look so happy that she's off to spend time with Mal & Jenni again.  I do fear that she may just love them that bit more than she loves Matt & me.  Just you wait till Christmas Syra, then you'll see who loves you most!!!


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