We should run a 24/7 convenience store.  These days it seems one or other of us is up and about no matter what time of day or night.  I went to bed, intending to read however dozed off.  Matt on the other hand couldn't get to sleep and so alternated between reading, listening to the radio and watching tv on his phone.  As a result, around 1 am, doze well and truly over, I was wide awake and made the fatal flaw of getting up to make hot chocolate for Matt.  By that time I was wide awake and the day has begun!  Thankfully it's a Sunday and I will have the luxury of having an afternoon cat nap.

Matt's stayed on a pretty constant 3/10 all week.  He managed a wee trip down to Tesco Express on Friday but that was him done for for the rest of the day.  We're still on track with reducing his drugs.  His phynetoin is down to 100 mg each night however Matt's been having twitches and has been feeling fitty as a result.  I don't want to give in to the twitches yet - so hoping Matt's system adapts to the new drug levels quickly.

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