Makeover time

It's makeover time.  Not for Matt or me, that would take far too long, but for the house.  We had an estate agent come to value the property at the weekend.  We're aiming to put it on the market in the new year, starting with an open house.  We've decided on an open house as we hope it won't be as disruptive for Matt - no fun being turfed out your own house in the middle of winter when you're feeling sick so people can have a nosy round your house every other day.

The estate agent gave us some top tips for tarting the house up.  We need a double bed so we can transform the study back into a bedroom - if anyone's got a double bed lying around that we can borrow until we sell, give us a shout! 

We've got a painting party booked in between Christmas and New Year - an exotic variation of magnolia white on all the walls!  Save the date and come join the party, the more the merrier - food and drink provided to those with paint brushes.

The hardest part though will be decluttering - trying to sell the pile of books, cds and music we've accumulated over the past 6 years and bringing myself to give away the rest.

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