Chemo round 6

Round 6 - let's have it.  A day out at the QE Hospital - where else would you want to be on a wet and windy day?

Matt proudly showed me his two handed typing ability last night.  The other day he signed his name using his right hand.  The best bit thought is he's now wanting to get out and about again - albeit just for a trip to Homebase, but at least it's a start!  Things are looking up.  We're showing Tommy who's boss.

It's odd that Matt feeling better has conincided with my desire to tart the house up.  I think he's living in fear of what I might do to the place and so is wanting to keep track of my every move...    We had the house valued by another agent on Saturday and he seemed pretty keen to be our agent.  Only problem is, now that it's time to move on, I've started to realise how nice our wee place is (apart from being in Banbury) and the reality of what we'll be able to get for the same money in Oxford...  That's life I guess, swings and round a bouts.

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