I loved it, Matt was bored!  Skyfall - we finally made it out to the cinema to see Skyfall.  We'd been intending to go for a couple weeks but Matt always felt too rotten to go.  On Sunday, despite the sleepless night, Matt was feeling a little better so agreed to come and see Skyfall with me.  Not your typical Bond - better than the last two but not as good as Casino Royale!

We made it back home again and Matt was straight off to bed, only he couldn't get in to bed as the bed wasn't quite made yet.  Unbeknown to me, Matt spent a good 15 mins struggling to get the duvet cover on the duvet.  Shortly after that Matt had a fit - a full 2 minute grand mal.  I'm pretty sure it's due to the lack of sleep and reduced medication however it never gets any easier to watch someone go through that.  Staying on course with the reduced medication though. 


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