Perky & Poorly

Well, one of us is positively perky and the other is positively poorly. 

Round 6 of chemo has barely touched Matt.  After a struggle at the end of round 4 and getting through round 5 I was ready for the slog of round 6.  Not for the double hard bastard.  Don't know what's changed, but Matt's definitely perky.  He's got more energy, he's talking away without thinking and he's got the tool kit out the shed!

I on the other hand have succumbed to man flu.  And it's bad.  It started with a sore throat on Wednesday afternoon.  This turned in to full flu yesterday.  Armed with tissues, strepsils and lemsip, I soldiered through the day at work yesterday.  Think I'll succumb to the man flut today and work from home.  I just need to avoid Matt as it's the last thing he needs right now.


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