After all the excitement of the past couple of weeks, Matt's suffering.  He seemed to be doing so well, it's quite a blow to both of us.  There's a combination of fighting off the flu, coping with two weekends enjoying the odd tipple or two, upset stomach, disrupted sleep and withdrawals from coedine.  All of that adds up to one unhappy double hard bastard.  Just hope his stomach sorts itself out in time for Christmas dinner!

Syra is also suffering.  While out in France, in one of her mad dashes to run faster than the speed of sound, she pulled the cruciate ligament in her back right leg.  It's almost a fate worse than death for poor Syra - only allowed walks on a lead until she has her operation.  To make it worse, she saw 5, 6, maybe 7 silly squirrels in the park just begging to be chased.  She's scheduled for her operation on Friday 4 January and then it'll be more rest as the leg recovers.


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