What a disaster

What a disaster.  On second thoughts, it's more like a catastrophe.

Feeling rather patriotic, a trip out to watch the World Champion All Blacks was a befitting pre Christmas treat.  A good day out for Matt and a brilliant day out for me.  A chance to bond with fellow kiwis, enjoy a good game of rugby basking in the smugness that the All Blacks reign supreme - an easy win.

What I thought would be the trickiest challenge - Matt being well enough and actually getting to Twickenham - was a bit of a doddle.  After a rough Friday, Matt was rather perky on Saturday and good old Yoda sat nav kept us on the right path.  We met up with Rachel and Jason - the three of us in all black and Matt stoicially refusing to wear any NZ clothing or support the All Blacks.

When I thought there was hope!
Pride before fall and all that.  By half time I was depressed and Matt was giddy.  Normality resumed for the first 10 mins of the second half when the All Blacks finally scored and converted two tries.  Everything seemed to be back on track. 

In no time at all, Matt was like a yo-yo, up and down as England went on to score try after try after try.  I'll be happy if I never hear another chorus of Swing Low!

There were threats of making Matt walk home we were all so sore from the defeat.
What a disaster.


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