Another trip to the vet

If it's not one, it's the other Chadwick patient.  We had another trip back to the vet yesterday as the bottom of Syra's wound was weeping and we were worried it might be infected.

Oh the bliss, the joy when the front door opened and Syra was allowed out.  Ecstasy!  The joy was short lived though as we popped in the car and recently this has meant only one thing - a trip to the vets.  It was a battle to get Syra through the front door as the car park was a skating rink and Syra was pulling me with all her 17 kg might.  We both made it in and approached the reception desk.  Magically, as soon as I started talking to the receptionist, Syra was out of her choke chain and by the door to get out!!!  With nowhere to run, I was able to get Syra back on the lead and endure an embarassing sit in the waiting room with a whimpering, shivering bag of nerves. 

The vet thought it might be an infection so much to Syra's delight she's back on two types of antibiotics.  We're now playing the "I'm not going to swallow and you can't make me" game with the antibiotics. 

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  1. Gotta love that antibiotics game. I wonder whether dogs or two year old boys are best at playing it!?! Katy


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