Farcical.   Bloody infuriating with no one taking responsibility for the fact that the PCV wasn't ordered for Matt, resulting in a day off work and Matt being dragged out of bed to drive for 2 hours for nothing.

Matt had 3 really good weeks before Christmas however shortly after Christmas he started feeling fatigued again.  The 6 rounds of chemo taking their toll on Matt.  We were due for round 7 on Monday so on Friday I contacted the Oncologist's secretary to remind her we were coming up and to please have the chemo ordered.   40 mins late the Oncologist's registrar saw Matt.  There was nothing in his file - no blood test results and no chemo ordered.  He was able to get Matt a blood test and have the results within 10 mins.  He then called about 7 different people to try and find out about the chemo - whether it had been ordered - it hadn't.  The forms were duly filled in there and then but there was only a 1% chance that we would be able to be treated that afternoon as the chemo had to come from Kings Norton...  It was worth a try though.

We trotted off to ward 621 where reception said they were expecting us - things were looking up.  We waited in the waiting room for nearly an hour before being told that there was no way that we could be treated today and they had booked us in tomorrow.  $*&£$$£!  The poor ward nurse got it from all of us.  Turns out it's the incompetent Oncologist Matt saw on 26 November who failed to make notes that Matt's chemo was continuing and to order more chemo. 

So bloody frustrating, the effects of one person failing to make notes or take action when reminded by the chemo ward and a chasing email from the patient's family.  Absolute incompetence.  The worst part is, he'll never know how much it's impacted us - or the nursing staff on the chemo ward when we vented. 

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