Happy New Year!

Nevsky Prospekt and a Happy 2013!  I'm proud to say that I actually made it to midnight however, despite best intentions, I missed the fireworks although I could hear them going off.

Matt & I decided to have a quiet, cozy New Years Eve - Thai takeaways and a night in front of the telly - It's a Wonderful Life.  Matt made it to around 9 pm and then headed off to bed for his beauty sleep.  I stoically stuck it out however just before midnight Matt called down - he'd had a strange fit which had shaken him.  He was lying down, dozing when his arm went.  His body is still adjusting to the reduced anti seizure drugs and steroids - he's down to 3.5mg of dexamethasone (steroids) now.

So cuddling in bed in Banbury, we saw the roller coaster of 2012 out and welcomed 2013 and all its adventures in whilst Syra cowered in the corner, frightened of the fireworks going off. 

Nevsky Prospekt.

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