Little trooper

Syra certainly is a super chien.  We picked her up from the vet on Saturday morning, quite dopy from spending the night high as a kite on morphine.  Her ever so sexy blue buster collar was off within minutes however, for the most part, she left her wound alone.  So much so that the bandage was still on when we went back to the vet's on Monday morning for a check up.

Monday morning we had an appointment at 0900 so the vet could check how she was doing.  Syra was so excited, the lead came out, coats were on, this was the real thing - finally, a walk.  She started to realise things weren't quite right when Jenni and I got in the car and then she started to shake.  We just about had to pull her in to the vets and if Syra could talk I know exactly what she'd be saying!

The vet was very impressed with our super chien and we're back in again on Friday night for another check up - oh the service you get when you go private!


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