TGIF!  Not such a great week.  Mal & Jenni went back to Birmingham last Friday and I think Matt and Syra have been rather lonely as a result. 

Matt woke on Monday feeling rather under the weather and having difficulty with his breathing.  I called Saint Claire and she advised us to go to A&E as it might be a blood clot on Matt's lungs.  Matt wasn't up for 4 hours at A&E so I worked from home on the proviso that if it got any worse we'd be following doctor's orders.  He survived the day and convinced me to go to work on Tuesday however when I got home on Tuesday night he wasn't feeling any better so we headed down to A&E.

Once again he was hooked up to monitors, had blood tests and finally had a chest x-ray.  When Matt arrived his blood pressure was a little low however that picked up.  His blood tests showed everything as normal.  The x-ray showed some scarring from when Matt broke his ribs in 2009.  The doctor mentioned that Matt may well have pleurisy, but there wasn't an infection.  If it was a blood clot then Matt was already on heparin to thin the blood so we were free to go home.

Matt's felt more comfortable with his breathing however his aphasia is back.  He's really struggling with explanations and the old "yes" when he means "no" and vise versa is back. 

In true double hard bastard style there's no complaining, just a determination to get through it.

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