Reflections on 2012

Looking back on 2012, it really has been an exceptional year. 

It was on New Years Eve last year that Matt announced to his parents that he didn't feel well enough to go back to school and so went off on sick leave.  We then had a mad trip back to NZ  to see my dad as he'd been suffering from numerous heart attacks.  Matt started to have multiple fits a day and suffered in the heat of the NZ summer.  After recovering from our NZ jaunt, we were then off to France with the Mackays to spend Easter with Mal and Jenni at their house in Homps.  By this stage, in addition to the fits, poor Matt was suffering badly from diarrhea and it was pure tortue for him to watch us indulge on bread, cheese and ham while he was confined to a liquid diet.  Matt's operation was scheduled for 25 April - the day we were told Tommy tumour was back.  He's since had 6 rounds of chemo, lost the strength in his right arm and leg and the ability to speak sentences, regained his strength and the ability to converse, argue and entertain.  That's my double hard bastard.

It's been a real roller coaster of a year and amongst all the worry and angst we've had some real highlights - spending quality time with my dad, having afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab, catching up with Duncan and Ae in Dubai, experiencing the automatic cleanse cycle of a French public toilet, sitting in the rain through the entire Edinburgh Tattoo, being part of two fantastic teams in Relay GB, seeing Rebecca Ferguson, Caro Emerald and Jessie J in concert, experiencing the amazing and unforgettable atmosphere at the Paralympics, sadly witnessing the All Blacks and Aston Villa lose but maybe best of all, the opportunity to catch up with friends and family whose support has meant so much to us both.

2013, what adventures have you in store for us?  Here's hoping it's full of friends, family and the finer things in life.


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